Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Winston and George from next door enjoy the snow.


On Monday it snowed all over southern Tasmania. We had snow on the ground in the Hobart suburbs, even down on the beach, for the first time since 1986. I captured it for posterity. Tuesday was just plain cold, but today we are expecting more actual snow.

Stage one; out on the back deck before dawn. It felt so weird underfoot; it was very powdery.
The trampoline caught a good amount so we started small snowman.
Front deck and the comprehensively snowy mountain.
The daredevils at the top of Nevin Street consider how they are going to get down alive.
I unintentionally turned this snowman into a sort of two-bun Bronwyn Bishop.

Wellesley Park soccer ground, the community gathers

Before, during and after a daring snowball attack.

Either Winston or a yeti has been this way. Phone for size comparison.

Winston had sore paws by the end of the day. He ate a lot of snow and tried to eat the snowmen's noses.

The snow lasted a lot longer on the dark side of the valley. 
View from the lounge room. The wind up there was lifting the snow and blowing it around in little ground-clouds, it looked amazing, like moving campfires.