Tuesday, June 10, 2003

15 and a half months old

Hoo-eee, its been nearly 4 months since my last confession. Life is busy here at work. As this is where I do the website now, (having folded up my home office) the poor site hasnt been getting a look in. Of course its great to be busy, and have a regular dependable income.
Now I have a chance to catch up a wee bit. Marcus, who is the chief subject of this er, weblog, is now terrifically independent and mobile. He strolls around like Walkie Walkerson. His balance is very good and he hasnt yet run headlong into anything sharp, which is a mercy.
Here is his current (intelligible) vocabulary, in reverse chronological order of when he picked the word up. Boots. Sock (actually Ock). The Door (its always The Door). Quaaaaaaaaaaagh(a very realistic duck sound whenever ducks are mentioned/visible). Thank you. Book. Ball. Bye bye. Bee. Mummy. Daddy.
He understands the most surprising things. We can ask him to bring us his boots, to shut the door, or to put his empty bottles in the sink. In most cases he's started doing this off his own bat.
He's eating with us most of the time, which has been a shock to the system for Elf ands I as we find ourselves sitting at the table eating a meal off a plate, like humans.
This breathlessy and brusquely brief update will be added to soon I hope. We have lots of great photos from Easter at Turners Beach, now receding into the past as well, but we'll get them up here soon. Cheerio.

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