Monday, July 11, 2005

Top sneezes, bottom sneezes

Marcus sneezes a lot. He sneezes in the sun like Elf does. He sneezed in the car this morning and after I cleaned it up, he said "my sneezes are great!" Lukewarm agreement from Mum and Dad. "My sneezes are really, really, really (etc) great!" Mumbled assent from Mum and Dad. "My top sneezes and my bottom sneezes are great!" Er - what? "Top sneezes come out of THIS nostril and bottom sneezes come out of THIS nostril."

We saw the model airplanes at Richmond yesterday. Marcus is at the age now where he is very interested. Michael just loves having a big green paddock to run around in, and of course always runs towards the little gate where he's not allowed to go. Around 12ish someone yelled from the hut that lunch was ready. The last plane came in to land and the remote control aviators (all blokes) shuffled off towards the hut. We drove off to feed the ducks. Marcus said "I think the planes will have sky and grass for lunch".

At the Richmond bakery they have many blue, red and green ribbons from baking competitions, at the Royal Hobart Show I guess. I noticed in 2003 they came 3rd in the 7 inch unfilled sponge. I like the idea of each year, really FOCUSSING and giving your all to carry off the blue ribbon in the 7 inch unfilled sponge - its the sprint of sponges.

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Philip Vaughan said...

Ah yes, but the scallop pies are the real hit of the Richmond Bakery, I reckon. I don't know of anywhere else in Australia you can buy a scallop pie with real scallops in a creamy sauce. Just the thing for Winter! Much better than a 7" sponge, even if it is a prizewinner.

Isobel has given up day sleeps ("I never, never, never want to have a day sleeep again"). She still arises at 7:30 and doesn't crash until 8PM. I don't know where she gets the energy.

Ronan is doing well. At 5 months he's wearing the trousers that Isobel was wearing at 18 months! He's on a good paddock as they say.