Monday, September 19, 2005


Marcus did a drawing this morning. It was quite interesting but the explanation was breathtaking. "This rocket is blasting into this car and this car is going BLAM and the fire is whooshing out of this into there and then he is exploding and then this bit goes BANG!!"

We saw the boys from next door on their front doorstep this morning. I said to Michael "wave to Cameron" and he yelled "HELLO CAMERON". Which delighted me. He's around 20 months and its a great age. He was dancing in his highchair yesterday. He started just like Marcus used to - with a silly smug grinny face looking left, looking right, then waggling his head then he said proudly "Dancing!". What a champ.

Michael is making up and singing little songs like this one:
Pine cone, pine cone, ev'rywhere
Pine cone, pine cone, ev'ry pi'cone

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Anonymous said...

That Pine Cone song is a copy of a 1930's song about ice cream, it's pretty similar but was originally recorded with a distinctly unique Country Creole sound and featured an eight minute washboard solo. Your son needs to watch who he sings that to otherwise he could be in breach of copyright. Best to discourage further home renditions or god forbid a public performance and lets never speak of this again.

Mavis Litigantlover
Footscray, Victoria