Sunday, April 19, 2009

Atrocious behaviour

I was out for a walk yesterday, and heard from afar a soccer match happening at Darcy St soccer ground. The ground has a grandstand, and I cannot resist going in and taking a seat when there is anything at all happening. I joined a crowd of about 100.

South Hobart were playing New Town, and peppering the goals. One shot ballooned in the air, far enough to go over the quite high netting behind the goals. There are four or five low-rise villa units over the fence. As the crowd watched, an elderly lady walked up the driveway, picked up the ball, walked up the front steps of one of the units and disappeared inside. There was a gasp from the crowd as she closed the door.


Nobody said...
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Nobody said...

With that ability to hang on to the ball she could make the 22 for the Tiges.

chris.dadness said...

Not this week, fella! WOOOO!