Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Michael dreams amid the palm trees

Yesterday morning Michael told us that he dreamed he and Hatty [our cat] got married. "But we had fish in our hands instead of flowers". He just came to ask me what I was typing. I asked if he could remember anything else. "Then we had kittens."

We are still on the mid-north coast. Yesterday we explored further. To get to where Jac and Tim live you have to drive along a narrow strip of land that is part of the Booti Booti National Park. The road is hemmed in with greenery so you don't really get a feel for where you are, but yesterday we went up to a lookout and saw this.

Then we went to the supermarket in Tuncurry. While Jac did the shopping we roamed through the shopping centre. Next to the Wiggles ride for kids ($2 a try) were some massage chairs for adults ($2 a try).

On the way home we dropped in to look at Jac and Tim's actual local beach, Cellito Beach. Pretty nice.

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