Monday, February 28, 2011

Go, Shaun Tan, Go!!

The man I am proud to call 'The Tanster' has just won a Noscar for his film The Lost Thing! I have always loved his books, and look on his career with fascination and envy. He seems to be a pleasant and humble person despite his immense gifts and incredible work ethic.

Well done, Academy, you got one right. (He says, not having seen any of the films in question). Below, a little sampling of Sean Tan's illustrations. The third one down is the actual titular Thing. The first book of his I saw was Rabbits, written by John Marsden. Subsequently he started illustrating his own marvellous stories.

From The Red Tree - a book about depression. I think this is such a perceptive image.

From The Lost Thing
From Rabbits, written by John Marsden


Nobody said...

Something about the last 2 posts has raised the hackles of my Net-Nanny again. The last time this happened you had used words very useful to know prior to visiting MONA. And now I think it might be the phrase "evil black soul-suckers".
Oh Nanny, you are just so Victorian!

chris.dadness said...

OK, I'll try it with 'evil black soul-#uckers' and see how it likes that.

Maybe you should take advantage of my Dickensian translation service, arriving as an inky broadsheet delivered to your door by cockney urchin.

Net Nanny? Its a d______d impertinence, sir!!