Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Labrador Baby Lunch

We just had a very social weekend. Karri and Miah stayed with us while Imp and Ed attended another one of the endless Fullagar cousin weddings (best wishes to Isabelle and James). Mum and Dad stayed with us as well, as they have been every Thursday to Monday for a couple of months, while they search for the elusive house.* Sal, Matt and the young Arthur David Warren (approaching 1) came for lunch on Sunday - making 11 at the table.

Arthur has been enjoying his occasional experiences with dogs, lately. Sally was keen to bring him over to see how he would react to a dog ten times his size (although about the same age). They just loved each other. Grown ups had to keep leaping in to stop them loving each other too much - there was face licking. Arthur is pelting around on all fours now - at on stage he crawled between Winston's legs and out the other side.

It was the opening day of soccer season on Saturday. Miah, Karri and Marcus all played, and all three teams won. Miah scored two goals, and Marcus scored one, an exceptional glancing header. You don't often see headers, let alone headed goals, in the under 9s. David, who had already scored three, clouted the ball towards the goals, high but wide. Marcus was in the perfect position to slightly turn his head and deflect it into the corner of the net. I went a little bit beserk.

*Mum and Dad have put in an offer on a house over the river - I've got everything including my tonsils crossed for them.

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