Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sorry Fiji, I was just on my way out...

You may have noticed the blog has not quite been itself of late. Lots of pictures, not so much news. I've been finding I just don't want to sit down and type all about myself any more. And by extension, my family. They are going along, doing the things they do. I enjoy these things mostly - but you can kill the enjoyment by writing about it endlessly. And we all know that just finding stuff on the internet and blogging that isn't what life is actually about.

In many ways blogging is a mystery. Who are all you people reading this, for heavens sake? Apparently there are 200-400 of you a week, from just about every country. Most recently Fiji and the Åland Islands (an autonomous region of Finland). Why do you come here? Why does my average blog post get 0 comments? What’s with the relentless search for netball team names?

So anyway, I am hanging up the blog for a while. I have really appreciated all the regular readers and commenters, I can’t begin to tell you how much.


Nobody said...

Yes you can. Begin already!

Or don't.

chris.dadness said...

Thanks fella. You at least I can pop over and borrow DVDs /tools/a cup of sugar from.