Sunday, May 20, 2012

Under 11s transcend the possible

Just a quick plug for my Under 11s - they won again yesterday, away at Lenah Valley. Isn't Lenah Valley a nice name? I always think so. Anyway, the formline for my boys now is;
  • 0-12 loss
  • 0-3 loss
  • 1-5 loss
  • 3-0 win
  • 2-0 win
We were under a lot of pressure for nearly all the 2nd half after one of our kids had a brain explosion and punched an opponent. I was reffing at the time and sent him off, and we played out the game one down.

Despite this unsightly incident, I was delighted with the kids teamwork and individual skills. It was almost like seeing your dog barbecuing chops while your cat throws together a green salad."What? You can do THAT? And YOU can do THAT? And you can do it together???"

Possibly due to brain stress from pondering what to do about the punchy kid, I got the time for my own game wrong this weekend, TWICE. I was a day early yesterday then 2 hours late today. I felt like running into the forest (which was nearby) screaming, but just got back in the car, came home and mowed the lawn savagely instead. I have some real personal organisation issues.

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