Saturday, June 09, 2012

Job hunting

The big news since my last post is that I got laid off from my job. I finish at the end of June, and so do 6 of my workmates. That will just leave the 3 directors and a couple of others within the crumple zone of the Roar Film sedan that are surviving this crash.

We They have been very successful over the last 5 years selling e-learning material to the UK, and that underwrote a lot of less profitable activity. After the UK election education spending was slashed to the bone, and no-one has bought our product there since.

The fun interactive stuff that we they do just doesn't pay its way. Surprisingly, the purely film projects actually do, and that will be the focus, going forward. Everyone that isn't directly involved in film production is out on their ear.

Unlike the programmers, I will still get some scraps of work from Roar, designing animated titles and DVD covers, and tarting up pitch documents. But I am having to saddle up the old mule that is my folio (yes we are on to the next vehicle metaphor, please keep up) and haul it around town to try to drum up work.

In fact my actual black vinyl folio full of print samples from pre-2000 will probably stay under the bed, and my online folio will do most of the heavy lifting. Practically all my recent work is screen-based anyway, so its nonsensical to print out a whole lot of screenshots and cart them around.

This afternoon I started writing a job application, addressing some selection criteria. Four hours later I was heartily sick of this person I was describing, with his wide general knowledge and his pride in delivering on time and under budget. Don't even get me started on his sense of humour and his flexibility - sheesh. What a jerk.

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