Thursday, September 06, 2012

Marcus plays footy

I have been getting to a few more events at school since I have been working from home. Yesterday I was there to see Marcus play football (as opposed to soccer) for the first time. Not the first time he has played, but the first time I have seen it. School soccer has finished, and I now have the luxury of simply picking the kids up on Wednesdays after school, rather than running soccer practice.

If you have never watched Australian Rules football, there are 18 players on each side, arrayed all over an oval field. The taller kids play in central positions, "down the spine", and the slighter or shorter players out wide. I don't usually think of Marcus as slight, but in this company he did look quite fragile. I was the only parent there, and I tried manfully to keep my yelling to a minimum. As someone who has played one (1) game of competitive Aussie Rules, I really don't know what I am talking about anyway.

This was the last week of the Winter Sports roster. Six of the ten planned games were actually called off due to weather, or flu epidemics. South Hobart lost all of their previous three games, and this one was against the strongest footy school, Taroona, so there was a sense of foreboding.

At quarter time things were going as predicted, but South had a great second quarter, winning it out of the centre about five times in a row for as many goals. I think they were just 4 points down at half time. Soon after, the natural order reasserted itself and they ended up going down something like 10.6.66 to 7.8.50, their best effort yet.

Bearing in mind that a lot of readers of the blog are in the Phillipines and Moldova and whatnot, and this won't make much sense to them, I still am going to mention that Marcus kicked an unlucky behind and made a few terrific smothers.

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