Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fire-walk for 75.6 metres

Michael's just bought home this year's creative writing exercise books. One piece is called Setting: Regruba's Tower, 1476. A sample sentence;
The forest is dark and to get through it you have to run throwing All-Dirt Dino-Head traps at lightning speed and fire-walk for 75.6 metres across burning bones and flesh and then kill a monster called Olleh, whose teeth are filed to extremely nasty points.
There is a poem called Winston. The teacher's only comment at the end was OMG.
You're a piece of garlic
Smelling very nice
But if you were some garlic bread
I'd have another slice
If you were spaghetti
I'd spin you with a fork,
but if you went outside
you'd get snapped up by a hawk.

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