Sunday, February 03, 2013

Cadet herald

This is Michael’s most recent coat of arms. I am hoping we can get him a cadetship at the Royal College of Arms as some sort of Heraldic Intern.

Today we went to Richmond, the well-known colonial village and Devonshire Tea Hub. There are antique shops, and kind-of-antique shops that mostly stock those huge flat clockfaces printed with an olde world graphic, and cushions with PARIS on them. Wrought iron. Lifesize brass dogs. Lots of stuff with crowns, fleurs-de-lis and rampant lions.

One of the wall hangings had what I recognised as something like the royal arms of the UK, with swirling behind it the flags of St George and St Andrew.

“What’s that coat of arms Michael?”
“Erm, that’s the Stuart royal arms from between 1604 and 1689 - then William married Mary and put his, erm, thing on it and it changed.”

He knows his stuff.

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