Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Exciting sideburns news

My 1970s footballer shirts got a write-up in big-city newspaper The Age the other day! I was working from home, noodling through some project or other, and I kept getting email alerts that shirts had sold online. By the end of the day I had sold about 20 (previously I had been selling maybe 1 or 2 per week). It was very hard to concentrate.

In the evening someone commented on my Rees Design Retail facebook page that they'd seen an article in the Herald Sun - cue a fruitless (and gooseless) wild goose chase, then I found it here in the Age Online. The next day I tracked down a printed copy, and it was even better as it reproduced one of my shirt designs, of Geoff Blethyn from Essendon.

The writer Peter Hanlon contacted Geoff, who was quite pleased to be remembered and gave his blessing to the design. Since then I have spoken to him and sent him a shirt - he's a very nice guy, humble about his achievements and interested in what I do. He also ran a company called Major Pants for 15 years, you’ve got to love that. Peter mentioned that I had done other designs, and it seems people have googled "1970s footy enigmas" and found my RedBubble shop that way.

The sales spike is fading now but it has lasted for a week, and given me a hell of a boost.

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