Friday, August 23, 2013

Graney and I workshop a Neighbours script over Twitter

Back story to this: Australian music legend Dave Graney once appeared on Neighbours as himself. He punched Toadie and had a scene packed with sexual tension with Susan. I must look this up on YouTube as I think last time I watched Neighbs Bouncer the Dog was still going strong. Today Dave mentioned he had watched the show recently and menacing widescreen apocalyptic storytellers The Drones were on the soundtrack. BTW I am @4boat on the tweets.

@davegraney:  #neighbours is having a  #whoshotJR kinda storyline.Last night the music bed was by #THEDRONES . Appalled!

@4Boat:   So @davegraney its OK to languidly play yourself on Neighbours but not just lay down a menacing groove in the wings? Dubble standards fella.

@davegraney:  yes, I do broadcast in stereo.I manifested physically on neighbours, beat up Toadie and stroked Susans hand.(sex) Top that #THEDRONES

@4Boat: I am assuming the @neighbours plotline is going to go in a super bleak set-fire-to-a-hobo kinda direction.

@davegraney: They've had an illegal poker game in a  deserted building for weeks.Now ROBBO is dead.Quite an unconvincing villain...

@4Boat: #thedrones move in next door to Susan, ask her to join their barefoot bowls team. Gareth is a harsh skip, they fall out. *twang*

‏@davegraney:  a new nude mens calendar launch at LASSITERS.Kyle books #THEDRONES .They bum everybody out so they leave.The band  eat all the cakes.

@4Boat: Out on baking Erinsborough plains Toadie is tied up in shed. Exterior: Mike Noga rides up, @davegraney in sidecar. Has boltcutters. *twaang*

@davegraney:  why am I in the sidecar? No!Dan Luscombe is in there.Barely fitting in the cab due to his height.Feet sticking out comically.

@4Boat: Audience are stunned - its that bloke who clocked Toad in 2007! Richard Clapton! HE'S BACKKK. Unfinished business. *manic cello*

@davegraney: I only like a lone harmonica when I'm silhoutted against the sunset on the hills overlooking #ERINSBOROUGH like that. #shitgettinreal

@4Boat:  This town *spits* It's a fucking sewer, Mike Noga. *woo woooooo* If it wasn't for Susan I'd jus' take this ol' guitar and split.

@davegraney: Is NOGA essential for this scene?I could just peel an orange or something and suggest all that shit

@4Boat: Noga is drumming sparsely throughout. Graney crushes cig butt underfoot, rolls downhill out of shot on scooter towards #ERINBRO

@davegraney: kids watch #NEIGHBOURS can't be smoking on there like that . Also, I'd prefer a pony to a scooter. And Noga will have to walk.

@4Boat: OK you crush Fruit Box and depart on Shetland. Noga is at bus stop. Fade to black. #eventTelevision  #whoWillDie ??? #logie

@davegraney: writing my acceptance speech now

@4Boat: Don't mention me I am a very private person @TVWEEKmag  oops

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