Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What I did on my holidays (3)

This is about 3 months in the past now, and still I haven’t got around to blogging all of it. I think I will just do these last chapters as photos with captions. Better for all of us really. We borrowed Phillip and Andrea’s car for the day to go to AQWA, and had a freeway adventure just getting there and back. The coastal highway is a little bit CHiPs if anyone else remembers that show.

This is my favourite letterbox I have ever seen anywhere.
This was at AQWA, the fabulous aquarium at Hillary's Boat Harbour, north of Perth. 
I was trying to get the classic ‘just cracked a joke’ expression moray eels have, and didn’t quite nail it.
Baby crocodile. Cute but fangy.
Toadfish, y’all.
Contractually obliged to call this a ‘denizen of the deep’. Sigh.
Sun setting into the sea -that’s worth travelling 3000km to witness. This was our local beach.

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