Monday, October 26, 2015

Exploring South Hobart 2 - plans

Ever since we moved to South Hobart (on the day Cathy Freeman won the 400m gold medal at the Sydney Olympics) I have wanted to walk cross country to North Hobart, or at least Mount Stuart. I have done it by an indirect route many times; walking down the rivulet (which runs along a very steep escarpment) to the point where a zigzag track goes up to westest West Hobart, then down through West to North. It is a nice walk but not what I really want to do.

The difficult part about my alternative route that skirts the scarp, is that it means going through the gates of the Hobart tip, which are only open at certain times. As I don't know for certain how long I'll be gone or even if I will come back the same way, it will require a morning departure or I may return to find that I am stuck in the tip for the evening like a wounded seagull.

It looks to me from Google Earth that having walked up McRobies Gully into the tip, you should be able to follow the valleys on a fairly level northward heading and actually come out at Pottery Road, Lenah Valley. To drive there you need to make three sides of the square; so it would be quite neat to walk directly. I do not particularly want to go to Lenah Valley for anything but it would be interesting to work out what is between here and there, since no tracks or roads are marked on maps although a gated gravel road leads off in that direction from the tip.

Our house is in the centre of the opening frame of this screengrab; and I am going to try and walk through the valley to the left of the big tubby hill, Knocklofty.

 Oh by the way, how cool is Google Earth?

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