Friday, November 20, 2015

Robbie Flower merch and the Australian Cancer Research Fund

Robbie Flower was a wonderful footballer and a wonderful man. I feel privileged to have had a very brief correspondence with him.

I designed this t-shirt a few years ago, and contacted Robbie for his permission to sell it. He replied;
Hi Chris. Designs are fine and look good. I would love to have one ( XL).....Hope they sell well.
One night I saw musician David Bridie wearing one on the Marngrook Footy Show on TV. I emailed Rob with a link to the clip, and mentioned he was being outsold by another design I did with his good mate Bernie 'Superboot' Quinlan. Rob wrote back;

Hi Chris
Shirt looks great. I will have to catch up with David sometime ! I am catching up with 'superboot ' later today........ I will tell him I have got him covered in the sale on the the t-shirts. I don't want him getting a bigger head than he already has !!! Thanks for the update on the sales and the youtube clip.
That was in May 2014. Sadly Rob passed away that October after a brief illness - he had had treatment for prostate cancer and cardiomyopathy in the 2000s.

I did not feel comfortable profiting from Rob's untimely passing, so from that point all profit on sales of his designs goes to the Australian Cancer Research Fund. I sell these through a site called RedBubble who take their usual cut; so from a $30 shirt they keep $20 and the other $10 goes to ACRF.

If you know anyone who you think might like a mug, shirt, hoodie, baby romper suit(!) or a framed print (lots of of other items available) why not pop over and get one?

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