Thursday, June 13, 2002

13 weeks old

Its Sunday afternoon, and Marcus is on a streak of about 5 good days, which has been excellent. We had been getting used to 2-3 hour horror periods about every second day. and I think our coping skills have really come along. But this week we havent really needed them.
We are spending heaps more time playing constructively now - we got a book out of the library with lots of good suggestions for games to play with your 3-month-old to develop different muscles and concepts. We are not trying to create a genius but it is really rewarding to see the learning process happen.
Marcus is now gripping things, and trying to put them in his mouth. His favourite toys ( which are just our favourite toys really) are Nigel the Zebra and Ducky With A Hole (who has a vacancy where his tummy should be). I have been showing him his feet, in the hope that he will realise they are part of him. He grabbed his right foot in an iron grip the other day, and look astonished and delighted. When he finally let go, he went SPROING back into the lying position, it looked very funny.
Elf has found the toy library and we have borrowed a little A-frame playgym that Marcus loves to lie under and kick and punch Big Bird, Cookie Monster and a little mirror. He tried out Olivia's when we visited Rob and Mel and he took to it so well that we just had to get one. To have Marcus amuse himself in the corner for 15 minutes is such a godsend, especially when you are home on your own with him. Elf is back at work and Marcus is going to family daycare Tue to Thurs with a wonderful lady called Bec in North Hobart. She has two little children of her own, and cares for one toddler each day as well as Marcus. Elf picks him up at 2. On Mondays and Fridays I stay home in the morning and look after him. My workload has really built up (which is huge relief). I feel like we've really found a gem in Bec, I'm completely comfortable with Marcus spending time there and it means I can keep up with the freelance work that I'm being offered now. Elf is loving being back at Jobnet too, so we're all happy. Marcus has enjoyed Bec's place.
Bec writes daily reports, which we love to read. Here are the ones so far.
Tuesday Today I got dressed in some clean clothes. I watched Iris and Avon play, and looked at toys. I had some milk and went to sleep. I didnt sleep long. I had more to drink then chatted to Becca and played. Ate more and slept more. Went outside. Had some tummy time. Went for a walk. Had my last bottle. Everything went fine.
Wednesday Today I had lots of fun with the activity mobile - hitting all the toys and mirror. I met Elise who comes on Wednesdays. By 9.30 I was aleep. I woke up very happy. I chatted away and had a good kick. Took avid interest in the other children. Got very wet so I put on an old growsuit of Avon's. I had another bottle and went back to sleep.
Thursday Today I got changed and finished my brekky. ButI was no longer sleepy. I wanted to see what was going on! By 9.30 I had another feed and went off to sleep. I woke up about an hour later. Met Anna who was very interested in me. Played happily until I was hungry again! Then more playing. I didnt want to sleep. Finally at 12.45 I conked out after more food.

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