Sunday, August 04, 2002

22 weeks old

We are quite enjoying parenting now - most of the time. We are just starting to feed Marcus some solids - mashed banana and baby food in little jars. He likes the tast of banana but he is much more comfortable with the bottle at this stage. One day we'll be totally onto solids and we can give away the whole bottle-boiling business, amen.
Marcus has had a few colds and he is quite snotty at present, but he's not too cranky. Cranky episodes now are usually teething related, and are usually easily dealt with just by putting some Bonjela on his gums. Mostly we are getting lots of smiles, some cheesy grins, a few smirks, and some Larry Emder style showbiz mugging.
He's quite chatty too - sometimes loud squeals and blatherings, sometimes little quiet cooing noises. He talks to our cat Gizmo a lot - one day it will dawn on him that Giz isnt going to talk back. Unfortunately our other young cat Claude died the other week, hit by a car on the busy road down in front of our house. Claude had just been getting braver about rubbing up against Marcus and letting him "pat" (hit) him.
we're off to Sydney for another wedding this coming weekend - best wishes to Andre and Sophie. Marcus will meet three of his four cousins for the first time, and his Auntie Jacki and Uncle Tim are really looking forward to seeing him too.
PS Marcus goes crazy now for Nigel the Zebra - its like Beatlemania.

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