Saturday, August 17, 2002

23 weeks old

Our trip to Sydney went very well, apart from a few hitches trying to find cabs with child seats. Even if you give the company 24 hrs notice their policy is to start looking for a cab with a seat just 10 minutes before the time you've booked it for. We missed taking Marcus to the wedding (had to leave him with Bill and Felicity) and nearly missed out flight home.
It was great to see B and F who drove up from Canberra for a chance to see their only grandson. They were prepared to be left in charge, and although it wasnt all plain sailing I think it was character building for them.
Andre and Sophies wedding went smoothly, they both looked great and very happy, and we met lots of nice people at the reception.
We spent Sunday with my sister Jacki and her kids. Her husband Tim should have been there too, but he was in casualty having his broken ribs looked at, after falling down the stairs the night before. When Tim turned up he was in good form considering, and cooked up a storm. Brin, Sam and Pip are all "growing like weeds" and they loved having Marcus around. Sam and Brin and I played soccer in the street - Brin beat me 3-1, then I beat him 5-3, then I think the Sam/Brin combo and I were level 1 all when we lost interest and went to talk to a Jack Russell terrier instead. Jacki is having a baby in January, and she's looking great and feeling pretty good.

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