Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Knackered 14 d Sanganalanga 2

Indoor soccer, game 2. I did a bit better than last time, lasting the whole 40 minutes in the outfield. Lost count of the goals I scored. Won a beer voucher for best afield. It was much more physical than last time, but that suited me fine. The main reason for the score is that we had a full-time actual goalie as goalie.

The next day, I felt great - just a bit wonky around my arthritic big toe. On day two, started to feel a few other aches and pains around the feet. Day three, a slight strain behind my right knee announced itself, but feet starting to settle down. Back feeling a bit stiff. Today was day four, when all the lateral ligaments in my knees started to sing in tune. Feet now OK. Back starting to loosen up again. Countdown, three days to go until next game.

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