Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wikipedia, goats, red hot tub, brain location

I love Wikipedia to bits. As I have been listening to Come on Feel The Illinoise by Sufjan Stevens, I have been reading the Wikipedia page devoted to the album, and following the links to the the people, places and things mentioned in the songs. (Work is a bit slow at present).

One song refers Chicago's baseball heritage, including the Curse of the Billy Goat. The people who edit Wikipedia are so devoted to categorising the whole world, that they have a link from this page to another entitled "Famous Goats". Of which they can only name two.

I am working on animations for a few Leonard Cohen Brothers songs at present. The LCBs are Nick and Mr Geale, who was my home group teacher at Burnie High in 1981, but now lives with his family in a swingers pad in Mt Stuart (with a large lipstick red hot tub that would fit all the members of Bucks Fizz and Abba at once). It is true that my last animation was for a tune by Radiohead, but they would probably not have heard about this yet. It has only been viewed by a total of five grown-ups.

Michael asked a few days ago "Your brain lives in your hair, does it?" He hasn't quite mastered the "doesn't it?" method of querying.

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