Thursday, August 02, 2007

Brisk house blog

No phone for several days, now connected but with wrong number. No lino in bathroom or laundry. No curtains. No shades on lights. One toilet out of commission. Can't use parking space - surveyor claims our retaining wall is illegal. No washing line and tumbledryer broken. Washing machine wheeled outside every day in case lino man comes. Front yard pure sloping dirt with huge hole. Back yard 50% sloping dirt. Not enough storage. Money seriously low.
Views are marvellous. Living in South Hobart again is superb. Neighbours are welcoming. Boys are delighted with it. We can watch them noodling about from the kitchen. Kitchen is excellent. Visitors rave. It is lovely and warm. It is a good house, and we are going to be very happy there for a long time.

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