Wednesday, August 08, 2007

House officially open

Our friends Cameron and Susan came over on Saturday to help us clean up the garden. Well, really we helped them. They are botanically gifted and also have all the right tools. They gave us a Mutsu apple tree as a housewarming gift, and wanted to have creative control over where it was planted. This meant they had to pull out a load of blackberry and waist-high weeds. Cam and Susan are very keen to espalier the apple tree. We just want it to boof out, give us a little privacy and lots of big apples, pronto.

We had our open day at the new house on Sunday morning. About forty friends and neighbours struggled up the bark-strewn slope (including babes in arms). Everyone was very complimentary about the place and no-one fell down the stairs. It was wonderful to see the big space upstairs cater easily for a bunch of people milling around.

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