Monday, May 26, 2008

Bonfire Night

On Saturday night we went to the annual bonfire in the paddock up the road, run by the South Hobart Progress Association. Formerly the South Hobart Bonfire Night, it has become so popular all over town that it is now the Hobart Bonfire Night, with more than 2000 happy fireworks fans attending this year. I helped out early in the evening on the P & F Association sausage and burger stall. When Elf and the kids arrived she took over from me, and spent the rest of the night shoveling sustenance for meat-mad punters. Even when the fireworks began, queues of people with their backs to the action demanded 3 sausages, one with onion! and 2 beefburgers 2 vegie burgers 2 sausages! Onion on all of them but not a lot just a bit, oh and one more beefburger with lots! Imp and Ed and the girls came too, and Imp did astint on the P&F coffee stall. It was a perfect still night for a bonfire, all the smoke and sparks went straight up. The fireworks were beautiful, and for the first time both boys enjoyed them, although with hands over ears. On the walk home Marcus said it was it had been the best night ever. We were staggered to find no mention of the event at all in the paper the next day.

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