Monday, May 05, 2008

More bulldogs

Cheer up everyone - here are some more (real) pedigreee bulldog names! The best from C-K. I will save L-Z for a a grim day in winter.

Carsvale Tuffin Muffin of Ottenley
Chunky Chocalate Drop at Lawrencetown
Clarendon Punchdrunk Tobias of Rundlich
Easter Sensation of Wiggin
Esclusham Golden Chimes of Wencar
Eskaidee Baggage
Fearnought Sumo Warlord
Fredlyn's Smooth Operator
Frymad Wellington
Gwenstan King Bruno of Broadcourt
Gwenstan Lord Duke of Outdoors
Hobtop Lucky Charm of Bollgalde
Holeyn Hell of a Fella of Baytor
Iceglint I'm Alfred
Isgraig Wonderful Walter
Jackath Nice Fella of Edgewick
Joymuir Winky Woo of Willsmere [pictured]
Juno's Solo Lady of Thatchway
Kaluki Sugarpuss of Tugga
Kilbarchan's Lord Percy
Kingrock Canis Pugnax
Kippax Doublenought

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