Saturday, September 20, 2008

Clarence Mafia 14 d Knackered 13

Last week we played the 2nd bottom team and notched our second win. (We are last). Last night we were up against the top side, a slick and super-fit bunch of youngsters, who beat us 22-7 last time. Paul and I did a bit of tactical planning earlier in the day.

Paul, Bowen and Eleanor came over for a visit during the morning, and we had another game of 3 v 3 soccer with Cameron and Adrian from next door. We had a chat about how to try to beat the Clarence Mafia, and we agreed that their goalkeeper was a bit of a weak link, and that we should try to surprise him with a few early long shots.

We took a 1-0 lead through exactly that tactic. I had a swing with my left without really looking and the keeper didn't know anything about it. However four minutes later we were down 1-5. We fought very hard, and made it as physical as we could without giving away too many frees. At half time we were down about 6-10.

Paul, Brett and I were all tiring fast and I was having trouble keeping my feet. Every time I hit the ground I lost skin, and hauling myself up again cost energy. But we were staying with them on the scoreboard and in the last five minutes we outplayed them. I never really though we were a chance to win, but they didn't really look like scoring either. I ended up in goals as I was completely spent - Paul and Brett threw everything at them but we just fell short.

I felt like we had got pretty close to our best possible effort. Cam was excellent in defence and our running off the ball was very good - this is why we had trouble running out the game. It gives us a lot of hope for the next few weeks.

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