Monday, September 15, 2008

School holidays edition

We have been talking about planets and so on a lot at home. Michael is pretty sure the Sun is a planet. And he's pretty sure it's got deserts, as all hot places do. Marcus told him that no, it's like our own big star, and all the planets go around it. Marcus knows that people used to think the sun went around the earth. "Some people still do - I think there are 4 people who still think that. They're a family".

Once we established with Michael that everything revolves around the sun, he said "So its like a parade, in space" which is a lovely way to think of it, really. An hour or so later after attention moved to other things, I called for bed time. Usually this sparks off loud disgruntlement, but last night Michael said "OK - I suppose we can talk more about space tomorrow".

Last week I played my first ever game of indoor cricket, for the Roar Film house team the Nartzi Pasties. (Nick registered the team as Roar Film, but when Jeff overheard he phoned the indoor centre back and instructed them to rename the team "the Nazi Pasties - no, Nazi - that's right. Well you can spell it any way you like". I bowled well but when batting got out 4 times in my two overs, mostly run outs as I was treating it like tippeny-run.

The soccer team continue to lose most weeks in the tougher division. We have lost four but won twice now, against the same group of over-skilful teenagers who don't pass. They are very young and I have to be careful not to flatten a couple of the skinnier ones.

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