Monday, December 29, 2008

Assemble and eat

Elf's Mum, Dad and brother Fred are staying down at Firthfield with Imp, Ed, Karri and Miah. My Mum and Dad are staying with us. So far, every day since and including Christmas we have assembled all in one place, the 13 of us, to eat. All we really do is eat, make cups of tea, moving through to beers and whisky and soda as the day goes on, keeping an eye on the cricket on TV, keeping an ear on the cricket on the radio, or playing cricket out the back. Playing christmas-new games and constructing christmas-new constructo-gifts. Fruitcake. Let's learn mah-jongg. Wake up Dad! Can we watch the cricket again please? Slightly different fruitcake. Who would like a cup of tea? Let's have a hit of cricket! More fruitcake. Anyone else keen for a beer? Anyone know the score in the cricket? Etcetera and so forth. It is very pleasant, quite soporific, and I don't quite know what day it is.

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