Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Neighbours and Pals v Antipasto and Champagne

We had a Christmas party of sorts on Sunday afternoon at our place. We had about thirty five people, lots of kids, and we really had a nice time.

I went off to get the platters, and foolishly decided I could squeeze in a bit of Christmas shopping on the way, and still get home with them in time for Elf and I to have showers and iron something. When I got back at about 10 minutes-to-liftoff, Elf was in the shower and the boys informed me she was not happy.

Eggnog and time are marvellous healers however, and she has withdrawn the divorce papers and I believe she still has full confidence in me as her Deputy, going forward.

We had a couple of visits - inside the house - from the bolder of the two magpies. Both times there were quite a few people around. The first time: hop hop, a bit of a look at the shiny stuff on the Christmas tree, and hop hop out again. The second time was a major incursion. He had a good look at the toys, especially interested in the dinosaurs, got up on my chair to have a look at work in progress on my desk, pooped next to the christmas tree, and then flew about a bit looking for the exit. There was relief from him and us when he found it.


Wendy said...

That picture of him with the dinosaurs is hilarious!

chris rees said...

Yes, he mingled with them quite comfortably. A very self-possessed young bird.