Saturday, September 04, 2010

Houses below the road

Cascade Road runs along one side of a valley. Our house is above the road, but all along the other side there are houses below the road. Behind them the land slopes down to the Hobart Rivulet, and beyond that rises steeply up to a hill called Knocklofty. I am trying to capture the strange appearance of the very low-lying houses just peeping over the footpath, with the dark steeply wooded hillside behind.

Working in an arts centre, I am surrounded by exhibitions and artists all the time. I am given plenty of opportunity to ponder what the hell I am doing with my art. I quite like the idea of mounting a guerilla exhibition, without actually organising it with anyone. I will just start taping drawings to the walls in the bathrooms and see how things go. Hopefully the all-pervading reverence for anything that is presented as "art" (no matter how crappy) will protect my work. I will not put my name on them, but the titles will be evocative and the prices will start from about $15,000.

Of course, thanks to the unisex toilets policy, I will have double the audience.

More drawings here.

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