Friday, October 15, 2010

Dirt expert

On the subject of research, yesterday Michael asked me "What atoms are in dirt? Is there ... soilium?" And that's why he's actually a cartoon character. Someone is writing this kid's material.


Nobody said...

OK it's time to own up (note how I avoided 'fess up')

I am a part of a team of several writers, the names of whom I cannot fully reveal.

I have been chosen partly for my verbal dexterity, partly for my tendency to delight in the obscure, the absurd and the slightly profane (or 'propane' in the case of fart jokes)- but mostly because I live in a reasonable proximity.

Five of the other writers live on the Upper East Side, one is in Prague (watch for Michael's Kafka-esque moments, and his love of the letter 'K')) the seventh is in Putney. All recognised humor/humour capitals of the world.

chris.dadness said...

Ah, the Upper East Side - that explains his schtick and his chutzpah. And when I tell him we're walking to school and he says "You want I should schlep five blocks uptown? You mishuggenah!"

Bloody Putney.