Monday, October 11, 2010

My word for the day is: panel

Now, it's hardly breaking news that words are kind of funny. Certain winsome evening local radio hosts seem to think they invented this concept, and I want to stress that I am under no such illusion. But I think I have something to offer nevertheless.

I'm on a panel. I'm sitting on the panel. In fact I am the chair of the panel. The panel is electing the board. I am the chairing the panel to elect the board. I cannot sit on the board because I am sitting on the panel. I may have mentioned that I am the chair. If someone wants to know who's chairing - I am. It's me. Who will chair the board is not for me to say.

In further news, my friend John has applied to be chair of the board. I have tabled his application for chair. He would be passing up an exciting opportunity on the Foreign Desk, but he says the Desk understands his passion to be chair of the board. The panel will sit this evening. I may or not chair, it depends if we can get a sitter. The deputy chair (who is a Pole) may have to stand in as chair, with the concomitant language problems.


Elf said...

But who is facilitating the collaboration? Have you delegated to the reporting committee? Are you considering the progression of the resource partnerships?

chris.dadness said...

Look - that's all up to the steering committee, and far be it from me to pre-empt, post-empt or even just empt their deliberations.

Nobody said...

If you want to progress the issue to a higher level, you may need cabinet input. If you want to regress the issue then I suggest involving the hatstand.

chris.dadness said...

I have plans for "cabinet" also "bench" and possibly "stool".