Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Lost wallet emotions

I had such a foul day, due to misplacing my wallet. It's only about two years since I last lost it completely and had to do the full replacement shemozzle. Today while it was missing I was feeling pretty ill.

I picked up Marcus from school and couldn't really think about anything else but finding it. I did a thorough search of the obvious places, then the possible places. Before moving on to the really unlikely places (socks drawer, parsnip patch, doghouse) I tried just using my brain.

I was so frustrated at losing something important again (lost my keys last week), I actually thought about seeking out a frontal lobotomy - it might just do the trick. Once that feeling passed, I managed to summon up a memory of the last time I had it. It was actually at half-time in the soccer match described below. I drove up to the soccer field on the off chance it might just be sitting on the bench where we changed. Nope.

I rang lost and found at the cop shop - they didn't have it. So I did a Sherlock Holmes - put on some music, sat with my eyes closed and thunk. It took about 20 minutes, but it worked! In mind I started going through all the things that had been in the bag with the wallet, things that I also had not seen since. I probably got them all out at the same time. These included a big white water bottle - a much easier thing to spot than a slim black wallet.

In a few seconds I had found the bottle on a bedside table - and there, under a big flat packet of bandages, was the wallet. I had just pulled all that stuff out of the bag together. I have been lecturing myself on mindfulness, and thinking about what I am doing while I do it - obviously haven't achieved it yet.

Once I had found the wallet through sheer mindpower I swung into a euphoric state, going to the crazy extent of buying a bottle of wine and some fancy juice for the kids when we weren't even expecting company. Quite the loon.

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