Thursday, January 12, 2012

A fat beast

This is from a 1930s tourism brochure for Flinders Island, Tasmania. It reads as though it is also intended to convince visitors to stay and take up farming. I know people were more in touch with the land back then, but the amount of agricultural detail is surprising. Note: 'rape' is a common seedcrop that was renamed 'canola' in the 1970s.


Nobody said...

It started innocently enough with Chou-Moellier, but that was the slippery slope that saw Flinders Island hurtling toward Latte, Brie and Creme Fraiche.

chris.dadness said...

Any idea what a bottle of '37 Chou-Moellier would go for these days? Phew.

Note also the advice below - what maintains one vice will bring up two children. You know they are talking about tie collecting, don't you?