Friday, January 27, 2012

Knackered 7 d Wilkins 6

Down 5-2 at half time, although we were playing well. Paul in goals had muffed a couple of stoppable ones. I thought we needed to have a few more early shots, and similarly catch their keeper on the hop.

The second half went all our way. I was hitting shots first time every chance I had and a couple went in. We were level 5-5 in no time, then gave up a goal to go behind again. Wilkins have one particularly strong player and we were keeping him out of shooting range - their other guys were easier to knock off the ball.

I was off the court when Adrian scored to level it up 6-6, then with 2 minutes left Paul put us in front from an impossible angle. The lads passed it around with composure, Ed did some of his best ever goalkeeping and we safely made it to the hooter.

Three wins in a row, after 8 losses in a row. Things are coming good.

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