Monday, March 12, 2012

8 Hours Day social round

We had a day off today, to celebrate the passing of national 8-hour work day legislation in 1948. I just looked it up, and the 8-hour work day was actually in effect in Victoria from 1860, with an annual public holiday to celebrate it from 1879. Some facts.

We had Nick and Anna and the girls up for morning tea, followed by a very pleasant stroll with Winston down the rivulet. I made anzacs but somehow got the recipe wrong again - they were flat and very, very buttery. We walked as far as the old Boags warehouse (now an evangelical church) - the fence around it has been taken down, so now you can follow the rivulet all the way to town. The existing walking track swerves around the warehouse  and goes up and down a very steep hill, so the change is very welcome.

After the lovely McShanes of West Hobart had departed, we were infested with small neighbours until dinner time. It's lovely to have small neighbours drop in and enjoy themselves, but so nice when they and their large remote control dragonfly have all been repatriated.

Last night Sal and Arthur came to dinner. He is coming up to 2, and talks constantly. He is trotting around the place very confidently, and I think he enjoys having the big space to gad about. Plus we still have a lot of 2-yo attracting toys. Fortunately I had just got around to mowing the back lawn after a very busy month or so, so he was able to floop around up there too. Only once did things get a bit hairy, when Elf heard a yell and went out to find Arthur upside down in a large boofy poa grass, having toppled off the elevated lawn. After dinner we had a very pleasant evening stroll to the park, where Arthur did some truly world-class slide and swing work.

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