Friday, April 06, 2012

Research on older people giving up driving - "not all bad"

According to RACT's Journeys magazine, research has been conducted at ANU by PhD student Sarah Walker.
"Other studies have shown that giving up driving can lead to increased risk of mortality, depressive symptoms and emotional distress" she says. "Most people don't think there will be anything positive about giving up driving. However my study shows there are some positives".
Her positives are "relief at no longer having to drive", monetary savings, personal growth through adversity and learning acceptance.

I might do a similar study on leg amputations. I guess with a large enough sample I can find someone, somewhere who is happy to no longer have to walk, and is saving money on shoes. "Personal growth through adversity" and "learning acceptance" are terrific positives you can always count on, whether you are losing your license or your legs, dropping your keys down a drain or just being accidentally poked in the eye.

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