Monday, April 02, 2012

Soccer, soccer, soccer

It's official now - there is too much soccer in my life. I am playing in two teams (indoor & outdoor), and for one of these I am also captain/co-ordinator/selector/cheerleader. Now I am also coaching Marcus's under 11 team. Last year's coach has moved away, and as they train on Wednesday this year (my pick-up-from-school day) I had nowhere to hide - I felt I had to volunteer, or spend every Wednesday watching on guiltily.

I took my first soccer practice last week - it went OK. An old gent named Tony oversees all the teams, and he was there to set up and generally look over my shoulder. He warned me there would be a few troublemakers, and when they made trouble I sorted them out the way I would my boys at home - just shouted at them. Seemed to work. I asked Marcus afterwards how my practice compared to what he done in previous years - he said it was exactly the same. Which was all I was aiming for. Innovation can come later.

I will handing back the indoor soccer captain's role to my predecessor as soon as I can, because there is just a limit to how much time I can justify spending thinking about soccer in one week.

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