Sunday, January 13, 2013

The arms

Michael, inspired by his grandmother Felicity, put together this beautiful coat of arms. He asked us for a motto this morning. I suggested "Do Your Best" but we went for the more motto-ey "Dare to Strive", and Michael Google Translate-d it. The supporters are our noble mammal associates Winston and Hattie.

Top left are the Jackson arms, three blue eagle heads, and a chevron with three golden clover. Top right are the Fullagar coat of arms, a bend rouge with three plates on a field of ermine fur.
Bottom left are the arms of Ware - two blue lions on gold, with a border of gold scallops on blue.
And bottom right are the Rees arms, a black chevron with three black choughs (pronounced chuffs I think) on a silver field.


Wendy said...

I love this. WAY TO GO!

Chris Rees said...

He is knocking out heraldry, literally like a herald. Draws wingéd deer while watching TV.