Saturday, January 26, 2013


Some blog customers look askance at my involvement with Twitter and Facebook, and feel that they might be missing out. So here is my last month of Twitter comments, with most of the cricket taken out.

30 Dec Watching the 2005 Ashes for a lark. Australia's uniform included blonde tips - Pup, Lee, even McGrath and of course, classic (fat) Warne.

30 Dec But they all looked pretty regular compared with Kevin Pietersen, sporting a kind of a seagull-shat look that signally failed to catch on

3 Jan When a batsman asks for a review ump should say "Well, I wanted to like it, but that wafty off-drive was so predictable. 2 stars"

3 Jan Soviet Hobbit

4 Jan The BOM has described today's record hot day in Hobart (42°) as "unusual". Geez, settle down you guys   

6 Jan Don't just try to get rid rid of your old toilet by flushing it down the new toilet. That won't work.

7 Jan Education version of our convict history interactive needs warnings about sex, violence and of course CLAY PIPES.

8 Jan The thing about the War on Sudoku is - how will we know when we've won it? When will these commuters and pensioners be able to REST???

8 Jan "Fly Away Home" reboot. Paquin -> Beiber. Daniels -> 24 Baby geese -> 2000 Baby Giant Octopus #$$$

8 Jan Nothing can match the smug satisfaction of hearing your ten-year-old whistle something by XTC or Miles Davis.

8 Jan Friday. God: "Have a record hot day, Hobart!" Sizzle. Burn. Fry. Tuesday. God: "Too hot, little buddy? How about some snow tomorrow?"

8 Jan Yes. Hobart Wednesday: Partly cloudy. Scattered showers, falling as snow above 900 metres in the morning and afternoon.

8 Jan Shame those kids on the peninsula can't go tobogganning tomorrow cos their sled got BURNT UP IN A BUSHFIRE FOUR DAYS AGO. Geez.

8 Jan You misunderstand me sir. I was not doubting your courage, it just looked to me for a moment like you actually WERE a chicken.

9 Jan I love Ralph and Donald. "Do you do a lot of reading?" "Yeah - dirty novels" 

14 Jan Passionate Rainbow Dwarf 

14 Jan Just been to a recital played on an enormous Romantic organ.

15 Jan Shout out to my Photoshop homies. 

16 Jan What I love most about Aussie House & Garden mag is it's my one-stop-shop for great ideas about goat curd AND dubstep.

18 Jan He [Lance Armstrong] seems to be saying now: you can't trust people with cancer. Possibly a bit unfair on, you know, others

21 Jan Strong Crotch Angles 

21 Jan Semi-Weeping Habit 

23 Jan ♫ Saw a ray, a flappy little ray / it wasn't today, it was the other day ♫

24 Jan Happy birthday michael rees. You are totally nine, dude.


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