Monday, January 30, 2017

Open Letter To Julie Bishop

Dear Foreign Minister

Your reported support for President Trump's "border protection" measures is very concerning.

The step of singling-out nationals of specific countries is discriminatory and will be counter-productive. Besides its' disgusting intent, the legislation is half-baked and unworkable. It is being amended on the run as its unintended consequences ripple around the world.

Laws are now being made on the fly, strongly influenced by unelected advisors such as Steve Bannon; who has got into the White House without any vetting by the Senate. The breakdown of long-established political conventions at breakneck speed is concerning to many thinking Australians, regardless of political inclination.

Your statement of support in this specific instance is simply gutless toadying to power. Preserving stability and our precious relationship with the United States requires more than lobotomised agreement with every move. 

Please take the longer view. One day when this illegitimate administration is history, Americans will look at who collaborated and who supported true democracy, human rights and the rule of law. At the moment you have put Australia on the collaborationist side.

I ask you to please follow the lead of Theresa May and send a signal that this legislation will not be supported by Australia.

yours sincerely

Chris Rees


Rosemary Shapiro-Liu said...

Thank you for writing this letter. I am currently writing one too and am pleased to find your words, which are similar (but more beautifully put together) than mine.
I will take some pointers from your letter to improve mine, without plagiarising.

Rosemary Shapiro-Liu

chris rees said...

Thank you Rosemary, use as much of it as you wish!