Monday, February 06, 2017

Cigarette Cards

I have redrawn some classic footy cigarette cards from the 1930s.

The top one is a bit of a poser. Ossie Bertram was at South Melbourne in 1933-34, when they wore the classic white jumper with red V. The photo I based the drawing on shows him in a dark guernsey with a white V.

Is it a Victorian state jumper, "the big V"? He was actually South Australian, and played for SA against Victoria at least once. But after moving to the VFL, players from all around the country then were selected to play for Victoria. And he was clearly good enough to play interstate football.

So the answer is a big clear maybe.

Boyle’s Football Photos is an amazing site, and I just came across this page there, covering the whole career of Leo Maynes shown above. After Brunswick in the VFA he played for Fitzroy and Essendon in the VFL.

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