Sunday, May 28, 2017


Please join me for a moment and let us immerse ourselves in the World of Twill.

Some of my highlights;

Twill weaves can be classified 4 ways
  • According to the stepping:
  • According to the direction of twill lines on the face of the fabric
  • According to the face yarn (warp or weft)
  • According to the nature of the produced twill line

The technical face side of a twill weave fabric is the side with the most pronounced wale.

Twills can be divided into even-sided and warp-faced

Even-sided twills include foulard or surah, herringbonehoundstoothsergesharkskin, and twill flannel.

Warp-faced twills include cavalry twill, chino, covert, denim, drill, fancy twill, gabardine, and lining twill.

What's your favourite twill?

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