Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bone for the dog

I was at the South Hobart butcher, and I asked if he had any good dog bones. He gave me a huge articulated thing, a backbone with some ribs coming off it that may have belonged to a wallaby. (Yes we can get wallaby meat at the butcher, we had a wallaby curry for dinner tonight in fact).

We don't often give Winston bones but after 2 weeks of school holidays he was going to be left outside on his own on Tuesday, and it would give him something to keep him busy.

I gave it to him at the front door. After holding this massive great chunk of beast for a few seconds he dropped it and looked at me, very concerned.

I am pretty sure he was thinking "last time they gave me a big bone they disappeared for 7 weeks".

But I also thought I could see in his eyes "hey, we've got to get this guy to a doctor. He's very sick".

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