Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Seeing moments

This morning at home I saw a beautiful picture on the Guardian website, of dozens of colourful hot air balloons all taking off at once, from Bristol in England. Really amazing.

At lunchtime I went for a walk from the office here in the city out along the highway to the bridge and back, past Government House. On the regatta grounds a man was flying a giant fluoro pink octopus kite. It was way up high, but casting a large shadow. A small child in a similar fluoro colour danced around energetically trying to stay in the shadow as it bobbed and weaved.

I didn't take a camera with me today so I wasn't delayed or distracted by trying to get the perfect photo - it's just something I saw and will remember.

As I walked on I thought about which was the better experience - seeing a picture of something totally amazing from the other aside of the world, or seeing something with my own eyes that you could call cute, or interesting, or quite striking, but that's all. Which was the more enjoyable moment?

I think that knowing that I can go back and look at the balloon picture anytime, and especially as I didn't try to freeze the kite in time by photographing it, the kite moment wins.

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