Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Thank you for your grunt of dismay

I play indoor soccer weekly, in a friendly 5-a-side kickaround at Rosny College gym. No scoreboard, no referee. The Tuesday night booking has been standing now for 15 years, administration of it is passed on occasionally from person to person. We pay $5 each per week.

I am ageing and slow and a bit fat but I do have some skill. I love playing, it takes you away from anything else that might be bothering you. And each week the session gives me a few highlights I can replay in my mind and enjoy.

One thing that is very rewarding is when you deploy some little trick, win some space by deceiving someone, and as you move away you hear their little grunt of dismay. I do score goals now and then which I enjoy replaying in my mind, but next best are those moments of sleight-of-foot.

So I say to my opponents; thank you for your grunts of dismay, they make it all worthwhile.

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