Friday, June 01, 2007

Dob one at lunchtime

From a terrific article by John Harms in The Age, on watching footy at the pub.

The pub was in that transitional period where the afternoon crowd, having done their lolly on the races, are half-tanked and trying to leave. I got talking to a local plumber from up the street. He was a Collingwood fan ("Mum was Collingwood").

"Did you play?" I asked.

"One game for the Fitzroy thirds in 1959," he said.

"Good year for the Royboys," I said. He missed the significance of it. [Fitzroy firsts won the night premiership]

"Yeah. Against Carlton at Princes Park," he said. "Kicked a couple."

I was impressed. "Kicked one at the MCG as well," he added.

He saw my puzzled look. "Did a job there once," he explained. "Took me footy. Dobbed one at lunchtime."

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